A Peruvian Superfruit Secret

Lucuma is a beautiful Peruvian fruit and a newcomer to the market of nutrient-rich superfoods. Perhaps the most notable thing about it is that so few people have heard about it, although that’ll change soon. Sure, there are many more popular beneficial foods out there, but lucuma is special.

There’s no doubt you and your loved ones can benefit from such unique fruit. This is our quick guide to lucuma, the Peruvian superfruit. Who doesn’t love fruit, right?


What is Lucuma?


Lucuma is a widespread species of flowering plants with edible fruit, all popular for their nutrition and health benefits. These plants grow in the Andean valleys, in South America, mainly Chile, Ecuador and especially Peru.

Lucama is widely used in Peruvian cooking — it makes delicious sweets and desserts, including ice cream. Lucuma fruits have a golden color and a creamy pulp with a honeyed, almost caramelly flavor. The fruit is also used in the country’s traditional medicine. Here are some of lucuma’s nutritional and health benefits.


Lucuma has Crazy Amounts of Antioxidants

The “Gold of the Incas,” as Lucuma is often called, is rich in antioxidants--plant-based particles that bind with scavenging free radicals in your bloodstream. Free radicals damage our bodies at a cellular level, causing premature aging and several chronic diseases.

Many fruits are high in antioxidants, including blueberries, leafy greens, olive oil and avocados. Well, lucuma is up there with the finest sources of the vital compounds.


Lucama Is a Source of Beta-Carotene

Beta-carotene is a plant pigment that gives several fruit and veggies a reddish, orange and yellow color, including carrots, yams, and lucuma. Beta-carotene provides not only a pretty color; it’s good for our health as well.

Our bodies turn beta-carotene into vitamin A, an antioxidant in its own right, with several other benefits. Vitamin A prevents heart disease, protects us from certain cancers and helps keep our brains healthy, potentially preventing degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is also good for your eye health!


Lucuma Is A Healthy Sugar Alternative

Chances are you won’t find fresh lucuma fruit where you live, but you can surely find the fruit’s pulp--dehydrated and pulverized. This brightly colored supplement is a superb sweetener. In fact, lucuma has a low glycemic index, making it an all-natural sweetener suitable for people prone to diabetes.

Consuming lucuma will help reduce blood sugar spikes and regulate blood sugar levels with no side effects. We’ll see more lucuma derived sugar substitutes in the future, that’s for sure.


Try Lucuma, and You’ll Never Go Back.

Lucuma is high in fiber; it is nutritious, vitamin-rich and naturally sweet. Lucuma is delicious as well! This creamy fruit and all the products made from it are part of a new wave of superfoods and supplements, all worthy of checking out. Aren’t you excited about trying this unique Peruvian fruit? We know we are!


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